State of Delaware Mathematics Curriculum Framework and Content Standards

The Dover High Math League has placed First in the Region 24 of 25 years

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Dover High School Math Courses
Foundations of Algebra/Geometry
Honors Algebra1
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Geometry
Pre Calculus
A.P. Calculus
College Prep Algebra 1
College Prep Algebra 2
College Prep Geometry
College Prep Algebra 3

Suggested Supplies for DHS Math

3 - holed looseleaf notebook and notebook paper, pencils, pens, erasers
calculator - a graphing calculator is recommended for students in college prep or honors classes. Dover High teachers will be using T1 - 83 and TI - 83 Plus calculators in the classroom. Please do not get a T1 - 85 nor T1 - 81 they do not have table capability. Please save proofs of purchases, and give these to your childs math teacher. Compass, ruler, protractor are needed for Geometry classes.

Minimum Requirements
9th Foundations of Algebra/Geometry
10th College Prep Algebra 1
9th College Prep Algebra 1
9th Honors Algebra 1
11th College Prep Geometry
10th College Prep Geometry
10th Honors Geometry
11th College Prep Algebra 2
11th Honors Algebra 2
12th College Prep Algebra 3
12th Pre Calculus
9th College Prep Algebra 2
9th Honors Algebra 2
10th College Prep Geometry
10th Honors Geometry
11th College Prep Algebra 3
11th Pre Calculus
12th Pre Calculus
12th A.P. Calculus


Content Standards for Mathematics
Students will develop their ability to:
1. Solve problems
2. Communicate mathematically
3.Reason mathematically
4.Make mathematical connections
Students will develop an  understanding of:
1. Estimation, measurement, computation
2. Number sense
4.Spatial sense, geometr
5.Statistics, probability
6.Patterns, relationships, functions


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