Resources for Students in Crisis
High School life is a very challenging time in the life of a young adult. Below are some resources for parents and students to help recognize warning signs, how to deal with crisis situations, and where you can go to get help. There is also a letter from Dover High School in response to recent events occuring in our local area. 
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Parent Notification about Recent Events from DHS

This is the Parental Notification Letter for Feb. 16th about recent suicide attempts in the local area. We encourage all parents to read this letter and use this site as a resource for help if its needed.
Warning Signs to Look for in your Child
For a Risk Assessment call the Child Priority Response/CPR Hotline: 1-800-969-4357

Warning signs of troubled youth that you can look for as a parent, family member, or concerned friend.
Kent and Sussex County Referral Listings
Patient Resources for Kent and Sussex County DE. This document contains information on where you can get professional help to deal with any crisis situation you or any member of your family may be facing.
Talking to your child
Every parent would like to believe that suicide is not relevant to them or their family or friends. Unfortunately, it’s very relevant for all of us. The unfortunate truth is that suicide can happen to any kid in any family at any time! Click view or save to read more...

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