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Welcome Students and Parents!
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PLEASE visit your SCHOOLOGY class page!
  • Assignments and information are available there under folders.
  • Presentations that include assignments, notes, and information are listed in weekly folders.
  • Parents, all students have Schoology accounts and should be able to log in to show you their activity and our assignments! If not, general due dates of assignments are listed in the syllabus.

If you have a question about an assignment, grade, or anything really, please contact me anytime at
After 2:30pm I am available at (302) 241-2400 x1212.

Make up work can be found on our class SCHOOLOGY page, in personal class folders, or from a peer. 


Grades will be calculated into the following weighted categories:
40% -  Formative Assessments (homework, some quizzes, drafts of articles and
           columns, vocabulary, etc.)
60% – Summative Assessments (projects, tests, prompts, final articles and
           columns, some quizzes)
Codes for the grades on the home access center are as follows:
  • Blank: The assignment was just collected, look for a code within the next 24 hours
  • NG – not graded, meaning you handed the work in but it has not been graded. This is not factored into your average.
  • ABS – means you missed the assignment due to an absence. You have one week to make up summative assessments and two days to make up formative assessments. This is factored as a zero into your average.
  • INC – means the assignment was collected and not completed by you. This is factored as a zero into your average.
  • NHI – means the assignment was completed in class but you forgot to submit it. This is factored as a zero into your average.
  • EX – means you are excused from the assignment. This is not factored into your average

English 11
AP English Language and Composition
A combination of introduction to and advanced journalism coursework. Students in this course are within their first, second, or third years of studying journalism. We produce The Senator Newspaper four times a year!
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