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Is your child a member and user of the School-Based Wellness Center at their school? Are you interested in participating in a Focus Group?

The Division of Public Health and the Delaware School-Based Health Alliance are conducting a study on the VALUE of SBHCs.

In return for participating in a 60-90 minute focus group, you will receive a $20 gift card and beverages and snacks.

Please consider this voluntary opportunity to make a difference for the youth in Delaware

Focus groups will be audio recorded

If you have any questions about the project you may contact Judy Herrman, PhD, RN at 302-644-4720 ( If you have any questions about your rights in the focus groups you may contact Rosanne Griff-Cabelli, Chair, Department of Health and Social Services Human Subjects Review Board, Division of Management Services, Herman Holloway Sr. Campus, 1901 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720; at (302) 255-9135;

Our Mission
The mission of the Dover High School Wellness Center is to provide our teenagers with a means of obtaining health services that can be coordinated with each teen’s family physician. The center is structured to meet not only the physical needs of today’s adolescent but also the health education, nutritional, mental and emotional needs. The focus of the Wellness Center is on prevention services with a goal of promoting positive physical and mental health.
The services available at the Wellness Center were developed by a Wellness Center Advisory Council comprised of parents, students, faculty, and healthcare providers. Students must have parental or legal guardian consent to use these services.
Go to Forms-Print Consent pages 1&2 and Health History 1&2.

Adolescents are typically a medically under served part of the population, They need a readily accessible source of care that is sensitive to their developmental and emotional needs. The school system is an ideal setting for the delivery of preventive health services. Access to health services on site and education regarding healthy lifestyles should increase school attendance and improve the student’s ability to concentrate in class.


Contact: Shirley Boyer Administrative Assistant
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