National French Honor Society

French students have the opportunity to earn membership in the National French Honor Society by:
maintaining a 90 or above average for three semesters
demonstrating leadership in the classroom/club
providing service to class/club
showing good character

Our Honor Society is recognized by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Candidates will be required to submit an essay as to why they should be included in this organization. They should explain how they meet the four requirements: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

Having a 90 or above average is no guarantee of acceptance. Students who are inducted show a sincere interest in learning , have a positive attitude, are of good character showing the desired qualities of being Respectful, Accountable, and Productive.

Each inductee receives a certificate and a honor pin. Once inducted, the student must maintain the standards under which he/she was accepted or will be placed on probation for one full semester.

Students who complete three or four years of French and are members in good standing will receive an honor cord to be worn at Graduation.

Contact: Linda Smith
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