Public Speaking

Meetings are EVERY Thursday in Room 211 
Advisor - Mr. Gearin

Speech & Debate meets once a week after school. Usually each meeting lasts until around 3-3:30 so please make sure you have enough time. This club is a class, therefore you receive 0.5 credits for being in it. Speech & Debate concentrates on participation in the Princeton and U-Penn Model Congress. For the Congresses, members will research, write, and then debate bills. Committees are approximately 20-25 people and each member is required to debate their bill to passage. Members write a 4 minute author speech and then learn to do a 2-minute summation speech based on the debate at the table. Delivery is practiced and rehearsed adequately.

Students will be graded on attendance at weekly meetings plus they are required to participate in all functions and events.  There will be no "auditing" Speech & Debate.  All students are required to take part in fund raising activities. Students who participate two years in Speech & Debate (one being senior year) will be awarded a cord to be worn at graduation.

Each event costs approximately $200 plus the cost of food during the Model Congress. Extensive fundraising is required and all members are expected to participate in these events.

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