School Philosophy

The community of Dover High School believes that education is a major factor in preparing all students for productive lives. Emphasis is placed on the development of attitudes and skills necessary for adapting to a changing society. To accomplish this most effectively, the school works with the family, the community, and other institutions. The faculty and staff of Dover High School respect the worth and dignity of each individual and realize that students differ in their social backgrounds, preferences, and interests. We recognize that variations exist among student educational experiences, levels of ability, degrees of preparation and learning styles. The high school believes that when students respect and accept diversity in a multicultural setting, it enhances their potential for success in all areas of their lives. Furthermore, Dover High School promotes achievement in using technology appropriate to specific areas of learning. We believe that learning is a process; therefore, we support the idea that the students and the community benefit most when there is encouragement toward a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and personal fulfillment.

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