Transition Foundations

Welcome to Transition Foundations. Transition is a formal process of long-range cooperative planning that will assist students with disabilities to successfully move from school into the adult world - be it post secondary college education, vocational training, or supported employment. High quality transition planning and services enables all students with disabilities to pursue their desired goals from school into adult life.

Our transition team consults with students, caregivers and parents, teachers, guidance counselors, staff, and relevant State Agencies in the development of personalized transition plans for eligible students (those receiving special education services).

Transition planning is individualized, based on the student’s own needs and goals. Thus goals and objectives may include preparing the child to live on his own, adaptive skills, job exploration and vocational training, applying for SAT/ACT testing modifications, preference surveys, vocational assessments, etc.
Research and attention are taken in drafting transition goals and objectives. Depending on the needs of each student, transition services refer may include:
• Developing post-high school education and career goals;
• Applying for SAT/ACT testing accommodations;
• Academic planning that meets State graduation and college entrance requirements;
• Getting work experience while still in school;
• Receiving special instruction and related services;
• Developing employment and other post-high school adult living objectives;
• Acquiring daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation;
• Connecting with State-sponsored service providers;
• Post-high school education
• Vocational training;
• Independent living;
• Community participation.

We look forward to working with your child and you creating a transition plan that best suites his or her abilities, skills and interests, so the plan will truly reflect your child's goals.

Contact: Christine Durst & Pam Johnson
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