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Welcome to Dover High Print Shop!
The DHS Print Shop, a student-operated business specializing in imprinted garments and other merchandise, provides selected students with on-the-job training. Operated in conjunction with the School Store, the Print Shop also provides for the building staff copy and lamination services as well as other tasks associated with a copy center.

What can we offer you?

* School supplies, buttons, balloons, cut letters, laminations.

* Imprinted DHS Merchandise: shirts, jackets, hats, fleece, bags, and other items--imprinted with transfers or embroidery.

* Customized imprinted merchandise, for clubs, teams, church groups, individuals, anyone!

Bring us your logo or we can help you come up with a design for your merchandise. We can do names and numbers, too!

Where do our profits go?

In lieu of wages, students earn high school credits for successful completion in the program. Therefore, all profits go toward the operation of the business, purchasing new equipment, and supporting many school-wide initiatives designed to support the teachers, staff and students of Dover High School.

What do we provide for our teachers and Staff?

*Annual Expense Account to teachers for the purchase of classroom supplies and materials.

* Tools for Teaching Grant Program that allows teachers to purchase classroom equipment and materials.

* Complimentary Dover High Staff Shirts for all new personnel.

* Annual Contribution to the DHS Sunshine Club, a faculty organization that spreads a little comfort in times of need and happiness in times of celebration.

What do we do for out students, school and community?

* Provide help to students and their families in time of crisis and donations to various worthy causes in the school and community.

* Support various school clubs, organizations and teams in their efforts to raise funds.

* Provide funding for various programs and activies for our students with special needs.

Come visit us!


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