Dual Enrollment Anatomy and Physiology: Notes

 Chapter One


Ch 2 ppt
Review for test
Animations and videos
Hyperlinks to tutorials and key animations for study.
Mitosis and cell cycle
Mitosis videos
Mitosis Pictures
Stages of mitosis
Mitosis pictures 2016
multiple pictures various stages
Plasma Membrane and Transport
Endo and exocytosis, Osmosis, Na/K Pump, Facilitated diffusion, Cotransport
Connective tissue
Everything you need to know
Epithelial Tissue
Everything you need
Muscle and Nerve tissues
Integumentary System
Bones part 1
Bones -part 2 spine
Bones appendicular skeleton
Ch 7 the skull
Ch 6 part 2 Ossification
Chapter 9 Physiology of Muscles
Videos and Quizzes on videos + handouts
Overview of Muscles
Images Plus Crash Course 1&2
Chapter 12 test Review
Reviewed in class
Key brain facts
Material covered in talking about powerpoint
Power point for final New
new table added
Chapter 13 and 14 PPT
New material added 5/9/17
Endocrine system Lab practicum
These are All possible materials for different stations
Key points General info for final
Use this with power point to study for final
Power point for final New
new table added

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