D McIntyre's Class: Syllabus

ILC B Course Syllabus
Instructor: Mr. McIntyre
Room: 909

Conferences may be by appointment and are generally held after school.

The ILC Program is an alternative environment for students who have difficulties adhering to school conduct policies. The students are afforded the same academic offerings as the main stream classes but in a smaller more controlled environment. For the 2011-2012 school year the ILC students will be studying IMP math, World history, ELA and Physical Science. The ILC students courses will mirror the inclusive setting. For weekly assignments and lessons please click on the appropriate link that will take you to the inclusive education teacher's assignments. Your child will be doing the same work but in the ILC setting.

Summative 80%:
Tests Tests are given at the end of each chapter. Any projects
assigned will also count as a test grade.

Formative 20%:
Homework Homework is assigned daily and collected on a regular basis. When graded, We look for completeness and correctness. All papers
must have the assignment written on them.

Quizzes Quizzes are given weekly and cover most recent material

Class work Any work done during the class period will be included in this

Notebook Notebook is collected at the end of each chapter. All homework,
quizzes and notes must be included.

Extra Credit - Extra credit is rarely given and usually comes in the form of an
additional problem on a test or quiz. Extra credit is NOT a substitution
for assigned work.

Semester averages are calculated by taking 40% of each quarter grade and 20% of the semester exam grade. The final course grade is calculated by taking 20% of each quarter and 10% of each of the semester exams. To earn credit for this course, the final course grade must be at least 70%.


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