SPANISH 1: Syllabus

Spanish I Course Syllabus
Dover High School
Spanish I Course Syllabus
World Languages Department
Teacher: Óscar González                                                                                    Room: C205
Phone: (302) 241-2400
Teacher Availability: After-school Monday to Thursday from 2:25 – 2:55 by appointment only. ((Except on days set aside for faculty meeting or parent – teacher conferences)
  1. Course description
The world languages program in CSD focuses on using languages in real-world situations.  Students learn language that prepares them to communicate with others through oral language, print, and media.  Although students will need to know vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information, they learn them in order to use them purposefully for communication with others. This emphasis on communication aligns the CSD curriculum with state and national standards.
Each level of the CSD world languages curriculum is guided by clear statements of what students will know and be able to do. Realistic expectations for how well students will be able to use their language and cultural skills are also clearly stated. These objectives determine what teachers teach, what practice activities are provided to students, and how student progress is evaluated.  Ultimately, because the goal of learning language is to be able to use it, CSD teachers are expected to test and evaluate their students on what students can do with what they have learned.
  1. Texts/readings/materials
- Composition notebook
- Spanish / English dictionary (suggested)
- Writing Utensils (pen or pencil)
  1. Grading
Students will be assessed in the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) through quizzes, class projects, presentations, homework and tests.
Formative assessments  20 % (Includes homework assignments, class exercises, quizzes, etc.).
Summative assessments  80 % (Includes 3 performance assessments per unit).
  1. Course Pacing Guide
First Marking Period
Pre-Unit:       Introduction to the Language Class, Proficiency & Procedures            1 week
UNIT 1:          It’s nice to meet you                                                                              3 weeks
UNIT 2:          Who am I?                                                                                             4 weeks
Quarterly Exam:                                                                                                         1 week
Second Marking Period
UNIT 3:          What do you like to do?                                                                         4 weeks
UNIT 4:          My school life                                                                                         4 weeks
Quarterly Exam:                                                                                                          1 week
Third Marking Period
UNIT 5:          Let me introduce my family                                                                    4 weeks
UNIT 6:          Hanging out                                                                                            4 weeks
Quarterly Exam:                                                                                                          1 week
Fourth Marking Period
UNIT 7:          Let’s go out to eat!                                                                                  4 weeks
UNIT 8:          I need some new clothes!                                                                       4 weeks
Quarterly Exam:                                                                                                           1 week

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