Welcome To Success with READ 180!

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 READ 180 is a research-based reading program that builds decoding, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and writing skills.
The  program increases achievement and connects students to important world issues through technology, reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Through the use of direct instruction, individualized software, and independent reading, students can experience a 180-degree turn in their attitude and actions, and increase their confidence.
Students, how will you create your READ 180 Success Story?

Read 180
Notes: Welcome to READ 180! Have you ever seen a 180 degree turn? That is what READ 180 can do for your reading ability. Using the computer, reading books at your reading level, completing activities as you read, and working on comprehension skills in a small group setting ensures success. When you give your best, READ 180 is the best! Title: Teacher Phone: (302) 241-2400, ext. 1209
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