Mr. Donald Downs Jr.
1A: Criminal Justice 1B Criminal Justice
2A: Study Hall 2A: Planning/PLC
3A: Criminal Justice 3B: Poly Sci
4A: Poly Sci 4B: Poly Sci

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Criminal Justice and Political Science Teacher
Freshmen and Junior Varsity Basketball Coach

Room: C-206
Phone: (302) 241-2400 ex 1265

Week: 2/20
(No School)
Tuesday(A) Wednesday(B) Thursday(A) Friday(B)
C.J C.J: Review  C.J: Review C.J: Test C.J: Test
C.J C.J: Review Poly: Political Parties C.J: Test Poly: 3rd Parties
Poly: Poly: Political Parties Poly: Political Parties Poly: 3rd Parties Poly: 3rd Parties
Criminal Justice
In this class students will be looking at the ins and outs of the Criminal Justice system. Studying the law in many aspects looking at the laws as written, how they are enforced by law officers and how judges use them to determine cases. This class will also study some psychology of criminals to help understand why crimes are committed. Students will get a good understanding of the system and the laws that are set in our society.
Political Science CP
This course is designed to equip students with a basic understanding of the American system of government. We will start with a look at the philosophical roots of government, and the different types of government that result from the differing perspectives on the purpose of government. We will also examine the Constitution and the roles that the different branches of government play in our society.
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