Comm Tech, TSA, VPC
     Welcome to Communication Technology, where much more happens well beyond this curriculum. First, students from any pathway can participate in the Technology Student Association (TSA) where students learn leadership while competing with projects for photography, videography, digital music, engineering, design, AutoCad, robotics (FTC, VEX, and SeaPerch), animation, webdesign, and much more at a State-, and possibly national-level competitions. Second, students from any pathway can participate in the Video Production  Club (VPC) to learn leadership, as well as, provide the DHS Morning Announcements, create projects that the members would like to, in addition to document and edit the creative moments for pre-requested school or community events.
     In this curriculum, students gain knowledge and experience while using professional equipment and accessing Adobe's Master Collection of software, in addition to a professional plotter to make large-print items on different media. Students are expected to gain entry-level employment after graduation from DHS. This teacher originates all curriculum assignments and grading in Schoology. Once or twice, weekly, this teacher transfers grades from Schoology to ESchool (Student Access).
C. Cohee's Class
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